Books I like

I like Science fiction. And on the whole, I'm not a big fan of Fantasy. So it bugs me that Scifi and Fantasy are grouped together in most bookstores. As for Scifi, it should be spelled with a capital Sci and a lower-case fi, that is, I like HARD Science fiction (not entirely without exceptions, of course).

I have not actually begun reading Scifi in alphabetical order by authors, although my ABC of Scifi (Adams, Asimov, Baxter, Bova, Clarke) might suggest otherwise...

I do not like Star Trek.

Here's some stuff I have enjoyed:

In addition, you definitely need to spend a few minutes of your life reading these three short stories:

Now that you know what kind of Scifi I like, how about telling me what I've been missing?

Antti J. Niskanen <uuki@iki.fi>