Books I like

I like Science fiction. And on the whole, I'm not a big fan of Fantasy. So it bugs me that Scifi and Fantasy are grouped together in most bookstores. As for Scifi, it should be spelled with a capital Sci and a lower-case fi, that is, I like HARD Science fiction (not entirely without exceptions, of course).

I have not actually begun reading Scifi in alphabetical order by authors, although my ABC of Scifi (Adams, Anderson, Asimov, Banks, Baxter, Bear, Bova, Clarke, Colfer, Czajkowski (Tchaikovsky), and even Cixin, Carl and Andy) might suggest otherwise...

I do not like Star Trek.

Here's some stuff I have enjoyed:

In addition, you definitely need to spend a few minutes of your life reading these three short stories:

Now that you know what kind of Scifi I like, how about telling me what I've been missing?

Antti J. Niskanen <uuki@iki.fi>